A message for you

Every human heart longs for love, acceptance and satisfaction in life.

In spite of having education, name, material things or money men and woman are seeking for something else. Many times life ends up with emptiness and desperation. Our fundamental problem is sin and rebellion against the God who created us in His image.

However the greatest and costliest expression of God’s love toward man is demonstrated in history 2000 years ago at the cross of Calvary, when Jesus Christ gave Himself up to die bearing the punishment of the sins of mankind. He was a perfect person with sinless life and was God himself came to humanity. He came to this earth to seek and save sinners.

Moral instructions and codes of ethics are not enough to save mankind from the penalty and power of sin. God cannot simply forgive sins, since He is just and holy. Jesus died to meet the demands of both the justice of God and the love of God. There was no other way to effect the forgiveness of sins.

Today any person who trusts Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord, forgiveness of sins and salvation are granted as free gift from God. This is the greatest blessing that springs from the love of God.

Jesus died and rose again, defeating sin, Satan and death for you. Anyone opens their heart to Him as Saviour and Lord of life, His peace and forgiveness and love will flow into his life. Then he will be able to truly love God and his fellow beings.

What you consider about yourself?

If you haven’t considered Jesus seriously in your life this may be the right time. Consider His life and sacrifice for a person like you. Accept His finished work though His death as it was for your salvation and eternal life with Him. You shall be born into the family of God with privileges, protection and responsibilities.

Or you have made a choice to follow Christ, but disappointed with many realities of life. You may wonder how to make promises of Bible real? How to make the principles of God practical?

Sheep of God flock together for nourishment, protection and strength. We invite you to make a guest visit to the church in the address and time given below. Otherwise, make a phone call or e-mail stating your spiritual needs-somebody will be ready to help you.